Clement Park Sand Volleyball Court Improvement Initiative

Improve the Clement Park Sand Volleyball Courts.

We want to make the sand volleyball courts at Clement Park a joy to play on again. Weather, wear-and-tear, and conditions have deteriorated the sand pits to a point where they are barely usable. Through your donation and support, new sand, nets and grounds improvement can attract more people to our park.

  • Numerous South Jeffco volleyball clubs (boys and girls) would be able to use these courts for training and improving their skills.
  • Beach volleyball clubs would again seek out the beauty of Clement Park to host their grass and sand volleyball tournaments.
  • Local community will be able to enjoy the soft sand for some casual beach volleyball with friends, increasing utilization of the park.

Join us in our efforts to improve the sand courts at Clement Park.

The Foothills Foundation is non-profit focused on raising funds for park improvement and enhancement projects within the Foothills Park & Rec District (FPRD). Your donation can help us replace the sand with beach quality sand, improve the court surroundings, add new nets and more.

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